Meet CSTS: Felix Justin – Account Representative

Posted on December 8, 2016

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Where is your hometown? 

South Pasadena

What motivates you to wake up each day? 

My alarm clock does a nice job of motivating me to wake up. I have it set to a pretty annoying sound.

What did you do before CaseStack? 

I was a youth minister for about 5 years.

How did you learn about CaseStack? 

My friend told me about CaseStack.

What is your position here at CaseStack? 

Account Representative.

Can you share any industry insights or advice?

Learn from those who have done it before you. I have tried to do my best to model my business after both Professor T (Ryan) and Quinn, they taught me the value of building a wide customer base, now I’m reaping the benefits of that model.

What has changed about the Transportation business since you started in the industry? 

I started in late 2013 the biggest change has been the number of people out there just like me. Above rates, customer loyalty is king now more than ever.

Who do you most aspire to be like? 

  • In the company: Quinn and Ryan T
  • Outside of the company: His name is Rick Mekemson he’s a well-rounded teacher friend of mine, he has a lot of character

Tell us one random fact about yourself. 

There was a faze where I died my hair blue and had blue contacts… it was rough being 13.

What is your favorite app – the one that you can’t live without?

Pandora – been streaming since 2007.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would it be?


Your stranded on an island and can only have three things what would they be? 

Fresh water, machete, the bible (words to live… and possibly die by).

You can only watch one movie for the rest of your life – what is it? 


Favorite genre(s) of music and current favorite song? 

Indie dance

If you could be any Super hero/Villain who would it be? Why?

Wolverine … strong/ good looking/ good with the ladies/ and forever young..

All-time favorite sports team and/or player?

USC football.

What is your absolute dream car – the one that you know you will never be able to own but wish you could? 

Rolls Royce.

What is your passion in life? 

My family.

What is your favorite activity outside of work? 



To talk to Felix about your
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