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Kroger ORAD Update 4/13/2018

Kroger: New Penalties for Case Fill Rate, On-Time Delivery Kroger’s commitment to improving customers’ shopping experience has prompted the grocery giant to take steps to ensure orders are delivered on time and completely full....

Walmart OTIF Update 4/9/2018

As Walmart continues their journey to 95% On-Time and In-Full (OTIF) performance, they are making adjustments to benefit their customers and supply chain.  On April 9th, 2018, Walmart announced that in order to keep products on...



As Walmart tests their new OTIF delivery requirements, LTL carriers are being affected the most. CaseStack’s Colby Beland sits down with Arkansas Business to explain the current impact. “LTL carriers, which is the majority of the...


8th & Walton – OTIF

8th & Walton talks with Colby Beland, VP of Sales and Marketing at CaseStack, on the purpose of OTIF, what to expect in August, new scheduling adjustments, and preventing penalties.  “Begin working your process...


Focus on Suppliers – OTIF Impact

8th & Walton speaks with Colby Beland, VP of Sales and Marketing at CaseStack, who gives details on what kind of penalties and impacts OTIF will have on suppliers. CaseStack is your otif solution

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CaseStack Expands Northeast Walmart Consolidation Program

Santa Monica, Calif. – August 16, 2012 – Officials at CaseStack, Inc., the industry leader in collaborative retail consolidation programs, announced today that their Scranton, PA facility has expanded its Walmart consolidation program to include...